Time To Renew Your Annual Travel Insurance Policy

As your business prepares for the December shutdown, we recommend you review and renew your annual travel insurance policy.An annual insurance policy is the most cost effective and hassle free way of ensuring that you and your travellers are always covered when travelling both domestically and abroad. It’s purchased in bulk based on the estimated number of travel days your employees will take and then adjusted at the end of the period based on actual travel.

It’s the perfect time to ask yourself these six questions:

  1. 1. Does your travel insurance  cover you in times of disaster or attacks? 
  2. 2. Do you and your travellers have the right cover? 
  3. 3. Are you properly covered for manual labour and related injuries when travelling? 
  4. 4. Does it include top-up cover for any additional items or illnesses? 
  5. 5. Does your policy include specific business travel issues such as replacement of a staff member should they fall ill while on assignment? 
  6. 6. Are you paying an excess on your current policy?

If you can’t confidently answer the above, or you aren’t sure if your policy has lapsed, then it’s time to call your FCM Travel Expert to help review your travel insurance policy.

Here are ways in which your annual travel insurance policy can benefit you, your company and your travellers:

Benefits for the travel booker

  • Travel policy documents are generated electronically in a matter of minutes
  • There is no need for separate tracking lists - data input is only done once
  • Assistance is available 24/7

Benefits for the traveller

  • Personalised visa letters for Embassies are sent automatically
  • Electronic policy information is accessible on your laptop or cell phone
  • You know exactly what you are covered for at all times

Benefits for the company

  • You have the peace of mind that your employees are covered and have received the necessary information about their cover
  • The TIC Corporate policy is excess free
  • Travel cost replacement cover is included should the traveller not complete an assignment abroad

Call your FCM Travel Expert today and ensure you and your travellers are covered for 2018.