2017 Corporate Event Trends

Media Releases 12 Jun 2017

When conceptualising your corporate event experience, you want it to be memorable, unique and cutting edge. Here are some 2017 event trends to consider to give your function the edge.

1. Fun ways to use technology 

Our technology is advancing and evolving at a rapid pace, from event hashtags and digital photo booths, to live-streaming events and mobile event apps! This year it’s all about the experience and sharing it on every social platform available. Set up a clever photo booth with your brand hashtag or get your hands on an app that turn’s everyone’s cell phone into a microphone. You never know, your event may even go viral, showcasing your brand without the fee!

2. Create an event that appeals to your audiences emotional and psychological needs

In other words, create an event that plays on all five senses. Use sensory lounges, experience areas and authentic food experiences to immerse your audience and make your event truly memorable. It’s no longer about exchanging contact details, but rather exchanging meaningful experiences.

3. Statement Balloons

The trend is back… Create a visual decadent experience using script balloons and spelling out words and phrases. You can even use them as backdrops for your photobooth and really create a stir. 

4. Hold Events In Non-Traditional Locations

  1. Informality is fast becoming the new norm. This means more informal, non-traditional meeting and event locations.  Aside from using new venues, try looking at a surprise pop up event. Think of it like the event version of a dancing flash mob. These events are usually announced shortly before they begin, transforming the usual place into an experiential location, delighting your employees and customers.

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