Delivering value beyond the transaction fee

Adding value beyond the transaction fee
Travel News 18 May 2017

To truly be effective, your travel management solution needs to go beyond simply making travel bookings for flights, accommodation and car hire.  Your travel programme should form an ecosystem that considers all stakeholders and provides valuable data feedback with which you can make informed decisions.  


This value can be delivered through technology tools that connect at all levels, from booking to travelling to reporting.  The resulting data generated can, for example, highlight traveller burnout and provide your business with insights and time to update your travel policies to save and retain your staff.


While such advancements in technology are key to an all-encompassing travel management solution, FCM has recognised the value in having experienced, passionate people at the heart of our business.  As such, each of our customers still received the support and guidance of team of travel specialists from implementation managers to travel experts to key account managers.


To learn more on how we can help maximise your travel programme and deliver value beyond the transaction, contact one of our FCM travel experts today.


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