How proposed changes to SA Immigration Policy will affect foreign workers

Travel News 25 Oct 2017

With an overhaul of South Africa’s immigration system imminent and uncertainty over the impact of some of the proposed changes, concerns are being expressed and companies are advised to keep a close watch.

In a whitepaper on Immigration by the Department of Home Affairs released  in July this year significant changes to the immigration landscape are introduced and, while much is still up in the air, companies can expect to spend more.

“It is virtually going to become impossible for a foreigner working in South Africa to become a permanent resident (PR) and, following that, a full citizen,” says Johan Lubbe, managing member of Immigration Boutique. “If one looks at where they are going with this, it becomes clear the government is only going to take the cream of the crop and they simply do not want permanent resident holders.”

Companies are best advised to keep a close eye on these policy developments as it is still extremely uncertain and difficult to say what the exact impacts will be.

Source: TAM