New regulation affecting the carriage of powders on international aircraft

regulation on carriage powder
Travel News 27 Jun 2018

As most international travellers are aware, liquids, aerosols and gels are currently limited to 100ml or smaller sized containers in an individual’s carry-on baggage. A new regulation that will come into effect on 30 June 2018 will see this extend to the carriage of powders as well.

How is ‘powder’ defined for the purpose of airplane carriage?

Powders include: Cosmetics talcum powder, protein powders, flour, spices, sugar, powdered baby formula, coffee, powdered food, salt scrubs, foot powders, powdered deodorant, powdered detergents

Does this apply to check-in luggage or just carry-on?

It will apply to carry-on luggage only.

How much powder is permitted?

Individual items cannot exceed 350 grams or 12 ounces in your carry-on luggage. Please note: The average weight of a loose cosmetic powder is around 30g and a compact powder averages around 12g.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. Prescription baby formulas (powdered) and medications (again, must be prescribed by a doctor) may exceed these limitations. Cremated human remains are also exempt. These items will have to be verified and then placed in a secure, tamper-free bag.  Duty-free items purchased at the airport will also be sealed in secure, tamper-proof bags for carriage on the aircraft.

Does this affect me carrying powders in my check-in luggage?

No, although all items packed in your check-in luggage must comply with rules around the carriage of hazardous materials.

Will this be strictly enforced across the world?

At this stage, the United States’ TSA (Transport Safety Authority) and the Australian border security have confirmed that they will be screening powders from 30 June. Other countries along with airlines will provide updates but we should anticipate that this will eventually be adopted globally on all international services.

Management of this, at least initially, will be at the discretion of the airport security personnel. We advise all customers flying internationally from 30 June to adhere to these rules and separate any items containing powder along with their liquids, aerosols and gels when they are passing through airport security.