Travelling green: A spotlight on sustainability in hotels

Travel News 24 Apr 2017

Global warming is a trending topic that remains on the hotlist for enterprises and more recently the hotel industry.

With hotel industry research revealing that approximately half of the world’s travellers will consider “green” properties when choosing where to stay, hotels have implemented environmentally conscious strategies to reduce the social and environmental impacts of their operations. 

A study conducted by’s global Sustainable Travel Report shows “travellers staying in eco-friendly accommodation are estimated to double this year to 65% of global travellers, compared with 34% in 2016 who stayed in one or more eco-friendly accommodations.”

From light saving globes to low-flow toilets and aggressive recycling measures, more hotels have spent the past few years dedicating resources specifically to the development of sustainability and community programs. Their focus is to offer corporate travellers the luxury and comfort they desire, and fulfilling their obligation to protect the environment and have a reaching impact on local communities.

The next time you see those signs asking to reuse your bath towel or reduce your water consumption, remember this is the hotels strategy to go green and reduce their environmental footprint. As hotels continue on this green path, you, the corporate traveller can expect to see more opportunities for genuine and meaningful ways to connect with, and support the destinations where you choose to stay. 

In fact, the report shows 38% of travellers want to help hotels conserve the environment by doing just this… reusing towels and bed sheets and even reducing the use of amenities such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush and shaving razor.

If your organization or enterprise is an environmentally conscious one, and looking to support hotels in giving back to the environment and communities in which you do business, have a look at a few properties sustainability commitments:


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