Unpacking your Business Travel Risks

Unpacking your Business Travel Risks
Travel News 04 Jul 2017

With more of your workforce travelling for business , it’s vital you meet your Duty of Care obligations by educating your travellers of the risks of the destinations they are travelling to and putting the appropriate measures in place to combat them.

Risks we never considered to be high previously, have grown into risks we need to be very aware of as they increasingly affect the average business traveller. Malaria now affects over 30,000 travellers per year. And we are all too aware of the massive effect our global climates are having, earthquakes and tsunamis are happening right on our South African doorstep.

Click here to view our latest infographic on the risks to include on your duty of care programme and how businesses are combatting them.

Remember, it’s not a case of halting your business travel plans, but rather a stronger focus on your Duty of Care programme and educating your travellers before they embark on their travels. For assistance on your Duty of Care programme, call your FCM travel expert today.