JOHANNESBURG – FCm Travel Solutions, owned by Flight Centre, has officially achieved Level 1 BEE accreditation. The announcement, which came shortly after the company acquired its finalized certificate, marks a significant milestone in the global travel firms’ transformation journey.

“Continuing to improve our BEE scorecard has been an ongoing goal over recent years for both Flight Centre and FCm,” says Robyn Van Staden, Managing Director of FCm Travel Solutions. “This achievement has been the result of careful planning to ensure that our business strategies reflect our BEE and transformation goals.”

Owned by Australian-based travel powerhouse The Flight Centre Group, FCm has been delivering streamlined corporate travel solutions to mid and large sized businesses since it began South African operations in 2004. Now, as one of seven Flight Centre brands, it is the first to achieve level 1 BEE.

Van Staden, who has been a longstanding member of Flight Centre’s Employment Equity Committee, says that their journey to transformation isn’t just guided by compliance but flows organically from the company’s core philosophies. “Both BEE and transformation go hand in hand with Flight Centre’s founding principles of fairness, egalitarianism and unity. In addition, all our people are empowered and encouraged to develop rewarding careers at every level of the business.”

Operations Leader, Melanie Walljee, who oversees recruitment and career development within the brand, believes that the status change emphasizes excellent opportunities available within FCm. “For job seekers, this change shows our candidates that FCm is actively committed to equal opportunities. As the brand grows, our people are able to grow with it and pursue their career dreams without limitations.” This accomplishment also marks an important shift for the brand’s current and potential client base. “Our revised status benefits existing clients,” says Van Staden, “as well as enhances our opportunities to partner with new clients who are similarly dedicated to the transformation process.”

Flight Centre’s Chief Financial Officer, Michael Snyman notes that FCm’s exceptional BEE result was realized sooner than planned. “Our initial aim was to move to level 3 status however, we managed to exceed our targets in a number of scorecard categories.” Snyman, who has been a major contributor in setting the company’s overall BEE goals adds - “This achievement highlights to our people as well as our suppliers and customers that Flight Centre is committed to being socially responsible and a transformation leader within the South African travel industry.”