Flight Centre & FCm Travel Solutions came out strongly this year with active support for the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day®, held on Thursday, May 29. A total of 31 girls were hosted at FC Head Office in Blackheath, with 5 being posted at FCm for the day.

“Dream, Believe, Achieve” was this year’s theme for the annual event that aims to remind girl learners that they have the power to make their greatest dreams come true by believing in themselves. “At Flight Centre and FCm we have very firm philosophies that we live by”, says Robyn van Staden, managing director, FCm Travel Solutions. “Our number one philosophy is our people. We believe that if we look after and nurture them in a holistic manner and show an interest in them outside of their work arena, we will continue to enjoy a well-rounded and happy workforce.”

Dan Basley, Healthwise leader, constructed a day of fun activity for the Girls which was a version of ‘Minute to Win It’. The visitors were hosted in various departments around the FC Head office and within FCm we had postings in the travel management teams, account management, finance and invoicing teams, sales team as well as on the executive front.

“FCTG’s Global Vision is ‘opening up the world for those who want to see’ and by opening our doors to the future workforce of this country, we are contributing to that same vision,” says van Staden. “By sharing one’s own insights and real life stories with others is the most meaningful way of demonstrating the power of Dreaming, Believing and Achieving which is exactly what we did with the girls on the day. We can only hope that we have inspired them to believe in themselves and their future.”

What really struck a chord at F.C and FCm was just how easily young minds can be positively influenced by what they see around them. “Being involved in the campaign highlighted how much more we can do for the future business contributors of South Africa simply by exposing them to our culture and philosophies as a company.” Feedback from FCm was that their participation and commitment to the campaign was positive and meaningful from both a sponsorship perspective as well as the facilitation of travel arrangements for the Girls that included securing flights, shuttles, buses, accommodation and meals.

Women can be vibrant contributors to the economy and leading job creators for South Africa, and that is why Cell C, a valuable client of FCm, continues to drive this project. With a ratio of 1:10 male:female employees at Flight Centre & FCm, it makes perfect sense to participate in this worthy economic endeavor.


Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work