Enjoy VIP lounge access with Lounge Pass

VIP lounges through Lounge Pass provide a relaxed environment to freshen up and rejuvenate before a flight, aiming to add a touch of luxury to either the beginning or end of your trip. Here you will be able to indulge in a quiet drink and something to eat while watching TV, reading a newspaper or catching up on some work, all in a tranquil environment.

There are over 300 airport VIP lounges worldwide in the Lounge Pass programme – in 70 countries at over 190 airports including 26 in the UK. Prices start from as little as USD 21 per visit.

Here are top destination lounges and their prices.

Destination From
Dubai USD 41
London, Heathrow USD 51
Paris, Charles du Gaulle USD 38
New York, Newark USD 35
Abu Dhabi USD 42
Singapore USD 36
Amsterdam USD 36
Hong Kong USD 36
Frankfurt USD 36
Beijing USD 33


Contact us or speak to your Travel Manager for more information about Lounge Pass or to have this service booked for you. 

Standard terms and conditions apply. Prices are subject to change. Prices are quoted in USD and are subject to rate of exchange. A  maximum of 3 hours in the lounge applies.