Ensure your travelling staff are fully covered

Consider an annual travel insurance policy with TIC

With a mobile workforce it is important to ensure that all travellers have adequate insurance cover.  An annual travel insurance policy, issued in your company name, provides peace of mind that whenever a member of staff travels, either internationally or domestically, they are comprehensively covered.

The policy is purchased in bulk based on the estimated number of travel days employees are likely to undertake over one year and then adjusted at the end of the period based on actual travel dates. This represents a highly cost effective and hassle free solution.

TIC Annual Corporate Travel policy benefits include:

·  Emergency medical and related expenses

·  Cover for luggage loss, cash and document replacement as well as loss of trade samples

·  Access to the Geneva based Blood Care Foundation for screened blood worldwide

·  Travellers are covered for medical costs resulting from terrorist attacks

·  24-hour emergency assistance through TIC’s appointed assistance companies

·  Travel cost of replacement employee should the traveller not complete an assignment abroad

·  Full malaria cover

·  The Corporate Policy can be extended to cover “Local Travel in SA”

·  The TIC Corporate policy is excess free

In short the TIC Annual Corporate Travel policy delivers comprehensive coverage at the most competitive rates.  For more information and policy conditions speak to your dedicated account manager today.